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Lyrics to our songs

First some great news!

Our new album The Mountain King will be released on August 27. Once again AMP Concerts have graciously decided to sponsor the release concert and the wonderful Outpost Performance Space will be the venue. So stay tuned for news about this event!

The Mountain King is a collection of ballads chosen from our live production with same name. These songs tell the story of a mythical meing of Scandinavian legend who allures a certain young woman into his underworld, a story that parallels the Greek myth of Persephone. As is our habit, we have adapted, edited, translated, and arranged these traditional melodies and lyrics in our own unique way.

People often ask me about the lyrics to our ballads and songs. Since a CD cover is a bit too small to include them all, and many people nowadays download and listen to our music online, I have instead opted to write a short blog about each of our songs, including the lyrics. I did this for our 2014 album The Wandering Ballad, and will do the same with our upcoming album The Mountain King.

For those of you who are interested in the lyrics on The Wandering Ballad, here are the links:

2. Skön Anna (Finland)

7. Riddle

10. Skön Anna (Sweden)

January was a busy month both, working on the album and doing some touring in New Mexico. We visited Corona and Silver City.

We will continue touring and performing aound New Mexico this spring. First up, in March, is a show at the Loma Colorado Library in Rio Rancho followed by another visit to Silver City. In April we will visit Las Cruces and Anthony. We will do our yearly show at the Elena Gallegos Open Space Double Shelter at the end of May. This year we will open the Elean Gallegos Sunset Series on May 28. Normally we do our sunset appearance in August, but we have reserved Autust four our album release concert.

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