The Mountain King, Song # 2: A Note in the Woods

This is blog no. 2 about our album The Mountain King. Recorded at Wall of Sound Studio in Albuquerque. A Note in the Woods is performed by Scott Darsee, guitar; Johanna Hongell-Darsee, vocals and bamboo flute; and Chris Carlson, violin. This song consists of a few verses from the Child Ballad no. 41 Hind Etin, and a Scottish melody. As with all ballads there are a few different versions but in essence the ballad narrates a story of a young girl who wanders out into the woods and meets a strange man. He takes her away to his lair in the woods, under the roots of a tree. She bears him many children, but eventually she starts to long to go back to her home. It is both similar and different fro

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