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From Live Performance to Recording

We are working hard on finishing up the recordings for our next CD, “The Mountain King”. We are once again recording at Wall of Sound Studio with John Wall’s input. His extensive recording experience and artistic sensitivity are great assets in interpreting our live songs into recorded media.

When we perform live before an audience there is a lot going on. There is the common space, the visual aspect of instruments, costume and gesture. There is the personal connection and the telling of stories between songs.

To take this material and translate it into a recording means we have to look at the songs in a whole new way. Take away all the visual and the extra information, and what is left? How do we convey the same feeling and atmosphere with pure sound?

I love this process as it is a challenge for me as an ex dancer and actor. I have worked in performing arts almost all my life, with different media. From theatre, to dance, to storytelling, to music. Each one has its own challenges.

In classical Indian dance there is an aspect called Abhinaya, which is the mimic, expressive part of the dance. Abhinaya literally means "to bring forward". That is the main purpose of all art. You find or create some great material. Then you want to share it. This is where you will need your Abhinaya. The skill to interpret, perform and convey your idea, all the while keeping the attention of your audience. I feel I learn something new every time I sing a song or tell a story. Maybe this is what keeps us all going. The work is never done, always something new and exciting around the corner…

The video above is from our show in May 2015 at the Outpost Performance Space with AMP Concerts. It is a song you can find on our 2014 CD “The Wandering Ballad”. It is a traditional ballad and at the performance in the video we were lucky enough to have great Irish singer Liz Madden and expert viola player Alicia Ultan join us.

Our next live performance is an old favourite. The Elena Gallegos Open Space Sunset Series where the sunset prevails in the background during the show. We are delighted International recording artist Liz Madden from Ireland is again joining us for this special show!

We will begin with ballads that follow the story of a couple whose love runs against family expectations. From Southern India to Punjab to France to America, this story has turned up all over the world. We will present a tango from Finland, Ballads from Ireland and Scotland and finish with Scandinavian themes. The intention is to bring forward an unexpected and interesting journey!

Please check out our calendar page for all upcoming shows and events.

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